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Not every problem in your ankles and feet warrant an appointment with a podiatrist. Sometimes all you need is time, rest, ice, anti-inflammatory, and even a change of shoes. But when certain problems crop up and just won’t go away, that’s a sure sign that you need an expert’s help. Here are eight common foot and ankle problems that might indicate you Bunion Surgeon Candor NY 13743 need to see a podiatrist.

Flattened arch on one foot. One foot seeming flatter than the other could be a sign of a dysfunctional or even ruptured tendon. Tendons that don’t work properly can lead to misaligned bones and cause arthritis in the joints. Treating the tendon problem early may prevent damage to your joints.

A sore or wound that doesn’t heal. An open Candor NY 13743 sore on your foot or ankle means you need to see a podiatrist, especially if you have diabetes. You have a better chance of healing more quickly if you see a doctor and start treatment right away. The longer you have an open sore, the stronger chance you have of getting a skin or bone infection (osteomyelitis).

Pain that increases with activity. If Bunion Surgeon Candor NY 13743 you suffer from a pain that gets worse with activity, you may have a stress fracture. Do not try to “work through” the pain–have a foot specialist look at it right away. Stress fractures that are not treated early can turn into stress fractures that will not heal or into an actual broken bone.

Severe pain that lasts more than 24 hours. Especially Candor NY 13743 if you have just had surgery, do not be afraid to call. It is better to deal with problems sooner than later. Possible problems could include tight dressing, DVT (deep vein thrombosis), an infection, or compartment syndrome. You have many options for dealing with the pain, but only your doctor can help you figure out what is causing it.

Foot pain when your Candor NY 13743 legs are elevated. If you experience pain in your feet when you are lying in bed and it goes away when you dangle your feet off the side of the bed, you may have peripheral artery disease or decreased blood flow. While you may need to see a podiatrist to start with, this condition also needs to be addressed by other doctors, Candor NY 13743 such as a vascular surgeon.

Foot discolorations. For the most part, both of your feet should look the same. But there might be a problem if there is a big difference in coloring between the two feet. Redness may indicate an infection or gout, while a blue or purple color may indicate a vein problem. Also, whiteness or pallor may signify decreased blood Candor NY 13743 flow. If any of these color changes occur, you need to see a doctor.

Pain and swelling in one foot. Pain and swelling, also called edema, in one foot and not the other is not normal. A broken bone, tendonitis, and tendon rupture or infection are some of the many problems that could be causing it. More common is swelling in both the Candor NY 13743 feet and ankles, which is due to lymphedema.

Numbness, burning, and tingling. These three symptoms can be signs of neuropathy, which causes decreased sensation in your feet. Diabetes is one cause of neuropathy, which needs to be monitored by a podiatrist. Neuropathy increases your risk of developing foot ulcers, so it is important to get your feet checked out if you experience any Candor NY 13743 of these three symptoms regularly.

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