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DR, also known as direct digital radiography, is a modern means of taking digital x-rays. Although there are other digital imaging systems available for the podiatry office, Podiatry x-ray that utilizes DR technology will have the highest possible resolution so far available in digital imaging systems, which means accurate diagnoses and better patient care. The podiatry center has specific needs Bunion Surgeon Goffstown NH 03045 when it comes to digital imaging, and thus you will want to take a look at what is available in Podiatry DR systems that have been customized to meet the needs of your demanding medical specialization.

One benefit that comes from the use of a DR digital system in the podiatry office is that it uses less radiation than other types Goffstown NH 03045 of digital imaging systems. This means less exposure for both patients and physicians, making the entire process of taking digital images much safer for everyone involved.

The cost of operating expenses is also greatly reduced with DR systems. Collection plates are used to capture the digital medical images, and these are not consumed as film or cassettes are, so there is Bunion Surgeon Goffstown NH 03045 a savings to your medical office each time you utilize the digital imaging system.

Podiatry DR systems are also the fastest digital currently available. What this means is that your office productivity will be greatly improved over the use of film x-rays, and as productivity increases, so too will profits.

Many medical facilities use DR systems from SmartRAD, X-Caliber, Naomi, Universal Digital Goffstown NH 03045 Systems and Q-Rad. Some systems operate with no internal moving parts, while others utilize charge coupling device technology. Universal Digital Systems can take images of patients who are standing, sitting or lying down, adding flexibility to their use.

To complement the DR system, you may also want to consider a Podiatry PACS to use in conjunction with the same. A PACS Goffstown NH 03045 will allow you to view, distribute and archive digital medical images that are saved in the DICOM medical imaging format, which is similar to the common jpeg format used for images on personal computers.

Medical imaging distributors can answer your questions about podiatry x-ray systems, including imagers and PACS that are affordable and will meet your needs. There are also turnkey Goffstown NH 03045 solutions available that are easy and quick to implement, so that you can be up and running with your new DR system in no time.

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